Thursday, November 13, 2008

High School Faculty Meeting November 20

These are some of the topics we will be discussing at our upcoming faculty meeting.

1. Intro to Infinite Campus attendance (David)
2. Follow-up to Will Richardson
3. SmartMusic (Scott)
4. Follow-up to Schreiber visit
5. Draft of Tornado warning drill
6. Infomercials on cellphone use and sexual harassment
7. New procedure for emergency 504 accommodations

... and any other topics you would like to discuss.


MisCositas said...

Hola, Jane! I LOVE your new blog! I look forward to seeing the SmartMusic demo on Thursday! ¡Chévere! -Lori

Allison Sitzman said...

I just borrowed Will Richardson's book and I am looking forward to the adventure of trying some of these things as well!

danielle said...

This is my first time responding to a blog! How exciting! :)

Gina said...

Jane, I love the modeling picture! :) Great blog layout!

Marianne J said...

Okay, so I want to be a member of cyberspace too! I am looking forward to a lively discussion about Will Richardson's presentation. Election Day turned out to be quite a thought provoking day in more ways than one.

mike stein said...

Will we be writing a draft of the warning drill or looking at one?

I love the idea of infomercials. Is the idea that we will be making them or are we asking students to do it?

I like talking about the meeting before the meeting.

alan said...

Greetings Jane and Bloggers!

Should I set up a blog? If I set up a blog on a site other than the one we're on now, will my registration allow me to be recognized on both? On all blogs? Who will read my questions? In the future, will I revisit this site and Jane's original post to see if anyone provided answers? Is there a way to set up a blog so that I can be notified (via email?) if folks do respond to specific posts?

Sorry about all the questions! I'd love to discuss these ideas with anyone who is interested...

And I'm excited to hear the follow-up to the Schreiber visit. Who's speaking about it? I was part of the last visit, and, while I think the block schedule will involve some reconfiguration on our end, I think it may be really good for our kids and the school community as a whole...


This is Alan Semerdjian by the way. I'm not sure if my full name will show up on this post if I'm not registered as an eblogger.

Howard said...

Just being part of a blog already makes me feel so technologically advanced! When Connie turns 3 in 6 months, she will teach me how to be a better blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your new blog. Was it easy for you to make?

To answer Alan's question, I think you can subscribe to Jane's page so you can have it sent to you when she posts or people comment. She can add an RSS feed to the blog and/or there may be an option that she can add.

See you all Thursday.

jlarrain said...

¡Fantástico Jane! it is great to see everyone so enthused and excited over all this great technology. I intend to blog away!

Srta. Kirschner said...

¡Qué blog más vacán! I'm looking forward to doing my first blogging assignment with students this weekend! :)

Doug said...

Here's an interesting article about Obama and social networks. It speaks directly to W Richardson's presentation. enjoy!